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How to Sharpen a Paint Scraper

David Munkittrick
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Save time and frustration by using a properly sharpened paint scraper when you shave down wood. Once you watch this quick video and learn how to sharpen a paint scraper and give it the proper burr, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Why a Paint Scraper?

The advantage of a paint scraper over a more conventional scraper is that it’s easier to attain a burr edge on the paint scraper. That edge is what’s important when you shave wood. And, with a paint scraper you can get good leverage while you scrape.

How to Sharpen a Paint Scraper

The sharpening method shown in this video is a bit unusual, but it works great. Using a bench grinder running at a slow speed and outfitted with a fine abrasive wheel, hold the paint scraper at about a 30-degree angle to pull the burr. You want to end up with a “wee bit of a crown” so there are no sharp points that could dig into your wood. And, as with many delicate wood finishing techniques, it’s important to use a light touch when you’re sharpening a paint scraper.

How Can You Tell a Paint Scraper Needs Sharpening?

If you’re shaving wood with a paint scraper and it’s leaving powdery wood shavings behind, the tool needs sharpening. A sharp paint scraper will produce nice curls of wood. Once you learn how to sharpen a paint scraper with this quick and easy method, you’ll see that it’s no trouble at all to keep the scraper sharp while working on a project.

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