David Munkittrick

WWGOA LIVE! December 2017

David Munkittrick
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Duration:   49  mins

We had a few tech problems, but once we got rolling things went great. A big thank you to Dave Munkittrick and the expertise he brought to our LIVE stream.

1:50 Dave’s intro
2:58 Joinery for a shadow box
4:28 Learning curve on a CNC machine
6:10 Miters on the bandsaw
8:40 Tips for getting started on the CNC
10:10 Plane set on its sole or on its side
11:15 Cutting large plywood panels
13:00 George’s hearing protection ISOTunes Pro
15:20 Trimming face frame scribe
16:40 George’s bowl turning classes
17:15 Attaching a top to a workbench
19:15 Avoiding blotchiness when staining
21:32 Evenly spaced finger joints
23:14 Hearing protection for those with hearing aids
24:05 Attaching a workbench top to stretchers
25:20 Finish for shop cabinets
26:01 Belt driven CNC?
26:28 Inlay is cupping
27:23 Finishing 3D scenes cut on the CNC
30:48 Snipe on benchtop planers
35:47 Using a powered hand planer
38:47 Thick bar top finish
41:50 Heat resistant finish for trivets
42:35 Source for plastic laminate
43:40 Replace cutter head or replace jointer?
45:45 10” blade on 12” tablesaw?
47:05 Helical head on a jointer

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