2020 Product Showcase: Titebond Speed Set

Matt Coppersmith
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Duration:   12  mins

Just when you think, “What could possibly be new in the glue world?” Titebond introduces Speed Set to the woodworking market. It has a significantly faster clamp time. Meaning, you can safely remove the clamps from your work much sooner than with other glues.

Clamp time

Recommended clamp time for most glues is 30-60 minutes. With Speed Set, it’s only 15 minutes. What a great way to free up the clamps in your shop so you can keep moving forward with your projects.

What do I give up?

Despite the reduced clamp time, there are no compromises with Titebond Speed Set. The cured strength of Speed Set is actually higher than the cured strength of Titebond original.

See the light

Have you ever run into glue residue that was left behind on a project? This typically rears its ugly head when you apply finish. If you have spots of glue residue, finish won’t stick there. It’s such a gut wrench when you see this. Speed Set includes a chemistry that makes it glow under black light. This lets you spot glue residue that was invisible to the naked eye long before you apply finish. Great technology.

The Titebond family

There are MANY different glues available from Titebond. Whether you’re assembling furniture, cabinets or outdoor projects, or lathe-turning blanks, Titebond has a glue for that.

More info

For more information on Speed Set and other Titebond products visit the company’s website or call (800) 877-4583.

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