2020 Product Showcase: Arbortech Power Carving Unit

Matt Coppersmith
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Duration:   18  mins

If you want to get away from “flat work” woodworking and try something really fun and creative, give power carving a try. You can grab what might otherwise be firewood and, with a little work, turn it into a bowl, platter or some other cool thing. Arbortech’s Power Carving Unit works very well for this.

What is the Power Carving Unit?

Arbortech’s Power Carving Unit looks like an angle grinder, but it’s very specifically set up with a lot of great features for power carving:

  • – Variable speed: this provides lots of control. Want to cut or sand a little less aggressively? Lower the rpm.
  • – A variety of attachments-whether you’re cutting or sanding, a very wide array of attachments are available for the unit.
  • – Chip catcher: a shroud that accepts a dust collection hose. Works with the sanding disc and Turbo Plane.
  • – Levelling guide-helps you get surfaces flat and true. Works with the sanding disc and Turbo Plane.

The Levelling Guide

This is a cool feature. The Levelling Guide is like having outriggers. It prevents you from digging in too aggressively with the Turbo Plane or sanding disc. You can fine tune the depth of cut, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

Dust collection

The Levelling Guide and Chip Catcher can both be connected to a vac hose, and the dust collection is VERY efficient. If you’ve done any power carving, or watched it being done, you know that it creates a boat load of dust and shavings. Dust collection for this operation is very important.

More info

For more information on Arbortech’s Power Carving Unit visit the company’s website.

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