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Manage Your Power Tool Cords with Cord Wraps

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Nobody wants a rat’s nest of wires in their shop. With every power tool you own having its own power cord, it’s easy for the cords to become a huge mess, tangled onto each other. Contributing Editor AJ Moses has tried a bunch of different cord wraps, looking for the best solution for this problem. Here are his top ideas.

Why cord wraps?

This falls into the category of pay me now, or pay me later. It takes a little bit of time to put cord wraps on your tools when you’re done using them, but you’ll love the positive benefits. When you retrieve your tools you’ll be able to simply pick the tool up, without fighting against the cord braid that seems to develop when one power tool is sitting next to another one. Depending on where you store your tools it’s also possible that you’ll reduce trip hazards by managing the cords, instead of allowing them to run wild.

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