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Post-Haste Project: No-Miter Picture Frame

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Duration:   2  mins

This might be the fastest, easiest way on earth to make a picture frame. And it’s especially handy for woodworkers who don’t like cutting miters. One set up on the router table and you’re ready to cut the rabbet that receives the glass, picture and backer board, AND cut the corner joint. Making picture frames with a router is very simple using this technique.

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The frame is made on a router table using a ⅜” rabbet bit. You could also do the work using a ⅜” or larger straight bit. The most important part is getting the height of the bit exactly right. Once you take care of that, you’re ready to make all the cuts you need. This picture frame is a great example of how versatile routers can be. For more router how-to, check out all the How to Use a Router instructional videos from WoodWorkers Guild of America.

Make a bunch

Once you’re set up it’s easy-peezy to make a boatload of picture frames. So when you’re prepping your material, be sure and make extra. This is only one of several woodworking projects designed by WoodWorkers Guild of America that would make a great gift. Once you start making picture frames with a router, you may never cut a miter again.


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    • Customer Service

      Hi, Becky. If you think about the picture frame in a landscape orientation, the rails would be 10″ long. The stiles would be 8″ + (2 x width of rails) – (2 x width of rabbet). As an example, if you are using 2″ wide material and 3/8″ rabbets, you would start with material for your rails that is 3/4″ x 2″ x 10″. For the stiles you would start with 3/4″ x 2″ x 11-1/4.

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