Making an Electric Guitar: Part 1

Duration: 5:39

Making an electric guitar can be a fun and rewarding woodworking project. George’s daughter, Ginny, decided to make an electric guitar as a gift for her boyfriend. In part one of this series Ginny gives the background of the guitar design and how she got started on this project.

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15 Responses to “Making an Electric Guitar: Part 1”
  1. Brad

    Waiting in anticipation for this video series to continue. I recently had a conversation with a musician friend and we decided that it might be fun to build a custom electric guitar for him. Thanks for doing this, George!

  2. Robert Newcomb
    Robert Newcomb

    Very cool project to take on. With your guidance George I’m sure your daughter will finish with excellence. (My first post, I broke the ice.)

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      It’s gonna be cool. She’s already got aspirations to build more guitars…..

  3. Steve Gronsky
    Steve Gronsky

    Cool that you’re doing this with your daughter. Or, rather, she’s doing it with you.

  4. Anthony Scira
    Anthony Scira

    What a cutie. Hope the boyfriend appreciates the sweat and tears involved. (I left out blood intentionally as it has no place in the shop) My daughter is helping me build a acoustic guitar for herself. She went with Purpleheart. It is good to get the girls working with tools.

  5. Bobby B
    Bobby B

    Did the maple neck come with a truss rod and hardware? Looking forward to seeing how the truss rod attaches to the body. Fascinating project here, many thanks to Ginny and George!

  6. Bob Cochran
    Bob Cochran

    Hi! I’m deaf, and the videos don’t seem to have captioning, so I can’t follow the conversation. I wonder what woods the guitar is made of. I see from the comments that the neck is of maple, but what about the the other part? Thank you for the videos.

    • khamadi

      The wood is African Limba (according to what they mentioned in the video). THey also mentioned that its one of the best wood you can get for making accoustic guitars. good tonal quality.

  7. Mike Davis
    Mike Davis

    Cool project. I have been working up to a similar project, but I want to nail down some sort of a original body shape design first. Just curious: what is the thickness of your body blank?

    P.S. If you haven’t already discovered this, Stewart MacDonald is a fantastic resource for not only all the parts you might need to build a guitar, but lots of how-to books/videos and great customer support.