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Videos that show you how to use a table saw to turn your stock into usable cuts.

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  • Table Saw Setup - Cabinet Saw

    The table saw is the heart of most woodworking shops. Is your table saw setup correctly? If not, it could be inaccurate, provide poor cut quality and, most importantly, be unsafe. This class will take you through the steps required to make sure your cabinet saw is correctly aligned. Supplies You’ll Need You’ll need a…

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  • Should You Resaw on a Table Saw or Band Saw?

    Do you need to resaw a board? If so, you could resaw on a table saw or a bandsaw. There are positives and negatives to both processes. This video will give you what you need to know the next time you’re ready to resaw, and help you decide which tool is right for the job.

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  • Dadoes on the Table Saw

    Dadoes are used everywhere; from case construction to drawer boxes. Learning to set up and use a dado head will go a long way toward expanding your joinery techniques. This class will give you the ins and outs of setting up the dado head and safely making cuts. A dado head consists of two rim…

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  • How to Calibrate a Table Saw Fence

    Bruce Kieffer is a professional furniture maker who always wants his tools to be as accurate as possible. In this clip, he demonstrates his woodworking technique for calibrating his table saw fence so you can make dead-on cuts every time. A WoodWorker Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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  • Table Saw Safety for Beginner Woodworking

    Whether you’re an experienced woodworker, a beginner or somewhere in between, revisiting basic safety practices in the work shop is always a good idea. George Vondriska takes the time to go over basic table saw safety with a beginning woodworker. From where to stand, when to use a push stick, blade height and other table…

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  • Making a Tapered Leg Jig Using a Table Saw

    George Vondriska teaches you how to create a simple custom-dimension tapered leg jig for your woodworking projects that require tapered chair or table legs. He walks you through the building process, demonstrating the proper technique for transferring a cut angle from your leg to the jig, adding a retaining block to the bottom, and attaching…

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  • Using the Taper Guide for Cutting Angles on a Table Saw

    After you’ve learned the basics of how to use a table saw, you’ll want to take advantage of useful jigs that make your table saw even more versatile. For example, have you wondered how to cut angles on a table saw? There’s a jig for that! A taper guide may look tricky to set up…

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  • Miter Gauge Alignment Trick

    George Vondriska provides a super quick trick for aligning your miter gauge. Go through this simple technique with him and see how beneficial it is to flip your miter gauge upside down on the table saw. Use this simple trick today to align your miter gauge correctly and efficiently!

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  • Ripping Furniture Legs

    George Vondriska teaches you how to rip furniture legs to size on a table saw. He demonstrates the proper technique, which involves doing one pass through with the full slab of wood, a 90-degree turn of the resulting leg, and a second pass through to achieve uniform dimensions on all four sides of the leg…

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  • How to Check Parallelism of a Table Saw

    Learn how to check parallelism of a table saw. If you don’t check to see that the blade and fence on your table saw are parallel, you could end up with binding issues that cause kickback and a whole bunch of other problems on your woodworking projects down the road, so make sure you check…

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  • How To Make a V-Block on the Table Saw

    A V-block is a must-have shop-made jig, especially for safely cutting round stock on the bandsaw. The easiest way to make one? Use a two-cut set up on the table saw and it’ll be V for victory.

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  • Calibrating the Table Saw Blade Height

    We all know how difficult it can be to adjust the height of your table saw blade to make precise dado and half lap cuts. You can ease the struggle by utilizing digital calipers and a calculator to determine exactly how much a quarter turn on your table saw will change the height of the…

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