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Folding Workbench Plans

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, here’s a great way to maximize valuable shop space: a full-size, wall-mounted workbench that folds up into a neat, 13-inch-deep package. It even has space for a built-in light and plenty of storage shelves. We make this project easy with our folding workbench plans. The workbench is as easy to use…

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Workbench Plans: How to Build a Workbench With Full Accessories

Gain all the knowledge you need to build your own fully accessorized workbench with this step-by-step video featuring George Vondriska. For both beginning and intermediate woodworkers alike, a well-made and intricately customized workbench is a critical tool to ensure efficiency in all your future woodworking projects. Through George's detailed instruction, you'll quickly and easily learn how to build a workbench that will serve you well for many years to come. Throughout this video, you'll discover simple yet proven techniques for not only this particular project, but all your projects as well. George includes detailed instruction on how to build a workbench that features adjustable legs -- offering virtually any working height you may need -- along with multiple storage cabinets and surfaces to keep your shop space both clean and efficient.

Workbench Plans: WWGOA

Check out this full video and master the techniques for adding additional accessories to your workbench such as bench dog holes (positioned using a plunge router jig), and much more. With the groundwork laid out and your new workbench taking form, you'll find ample opportunity to improve upon the design to suit your own custom needs, such as adding a board jack when working with particularly long pieces or a planing stop, used when sanding or planing surfaces. George even offers some creative and incredibly handy custom-made accessory options that will give your workbench a few extra capabilities you may not find in most woodshops. With this in-depth video on how to build a workbench, you'll be on your way to improving the beauty and efficiency of your woodshop in no time! Make sure to utilize our workbench plans below.

Build a Shop Table: Workbench Plans

Build a roll-around shop table from one sheet of 3/4" plywood. This woodworking shop project is a great asset in any shop! Use it for an assembly and outfeed table as well as a portable tool caddie. Master woodworker George Vondriska gives you the complete workbench plans, tells you what hardware you'll need and discusses design options to customize it for your shop. Once you've built a shop table, you'll wonder how you got by without it.

Woodworking & Furniture Plans

Shop-Tested woodworking and furniture plans Become a member and access a huge selection of woodworking and furniture plans throughout the year, or buy selected plans to keep forever by visiting our Shop See How It Works View our Woodworking Project Videos Visit Our New Shop View Woodworking Plans in Our Shop Sign Up Today to…

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Workbenches & Simple Shop Storage Solutions Book

Book: Workbenches & Simple Shop Storage Solutions The heart of every workshop is the workbench, the place where you spend most of the time doing what you love. Since no two shops are alike, no one bench will suit every need. This book combines workbench & workstation plans and workshop storage ideas into the ultimate…

Folding Bench Plan

Woodworking Plan: Folding Bench Have you ever wanted to take your woodworking with you on the road, whether for an on-site gig or just to have with you on vacation? Or do you work in a small, multi-purpose space that requires that you tuck away your bench when you are not working? This portable folding…

Master Cabinetmaker’s Bench Plan

Woodworking Plan: Master Cabinetmaker’s Bench Any woodworker who wants to take their game to the next level will want to add a top-notch work bench to their shop. This one definitely fits that bill, incorporating classic design elements of a traditional cabinetmaker’s workbench, sturdy construction, and a simple beauty that will make you proud to…

Finishing Cabinet Plan

Woodworking Plan: Finishing Cabinet It’s time to tackle the mess that has accumulated in the finishing corner of your shop. This three-box cabinet is designed to organize and store finishing supplies ranging from flammable liquids to cotton swabs in ways that make them easy to access and (just as important!) easy to put back. To…

WWGOA LIVE! June 2019

Thanks for tuning in. In this WWGOA LIVE Q&A, George Vondriska discussed making long cauls, cutting plexiglass on the table saw, routers and router lifts, and much more. Check out the page for a full list of what was covered.

Woodworking Furniture Projects 10-DVD Set

10-DVD Set: Woodworking Furniture Projects We’ve created a premium video set with nearly 15 hours of step-by-step video tutorials for some of our favorite essential woodworking furniture projects. Our expert woodworker George Vondriska goes in-depth into each individual step, teaching you the general woodworking techniques you’ll need to plan for and build beautiful pieces of…