George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! December 2020

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

Baby, it’s cold outside… But it was plenty warm in the shop for our December LIVE Q&A.

1:15 Free plan download
2:20 Wood plasticizer
4:25 Planing a cutting board
7:20 Bandsaw mill for George?
9:20 Drawer slide installation jig
11:35 Acclimating hardwood to your shop
13:20 Time to air dry wood
14:05 Weekend With WOOD
16:50 Edge to edge glue up
18:30 If glue is strong, why use mechanical fasteners?
20:15 Rockler lettering template and guide bushings
22:30 Sanding pads wearing out
25:05 Finish for a workbench
26:30 Walnut slabs in George’s shop
27:05 Mesh sandpaper
28:00 Router in the list of top five tools?
28:55 Getting into woodworking as a job
30:30 Osmo finish
32:40 Removing finish
33:00 Tool with biggest impact in George’s shop
34:50 Good planer?
35:20 Drill press size
36:20 Arbor Tech sander on Makita grinder?
37:40 Paperwork to run a business
38:30 Finish for project that will be close to a heater
40:10 George’s Meet the Maker event
41:30 Tracking the drive belt on a 22/44 sander
42:18 Flat or raised infeed and outfeed tables
42:30 Helical head on DeWalt planer?
42:55 Class in George’s shop
43:50 Helical head for Powermatic jointer
44:10 Sealing tool surfaces
45:40 Eliminating planer snipe
46:18 Grit for 10” disc sander?
46:35 Parallelogram jointer
49:00 Delta Cruzer miter saw in George’s shop?
49:23 Heating with ventless propane?
50:40 Brushing shellac
50:50 Glass in a door frame
52:50 Painting a plywood carcase
54:40 Etching glass on a CNC
55:20 Four sided tapered legs
56:00 Spraying and spark dangers
56:35 Beginner project
58:05 Air dried vs kiln dried lumber
59:05 CNC St George plaque

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