David Radtke

Box Joint Jig Video: How to Make a Box Joint Jig/Finger Joint Jig for a Tablesaw

David Radtke
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Duration:   5  mins

Box joints, also called finger joints, are a great way to join corners on a box. Not only do they add a significant amount of strength, they also look great. Especially when the box joint is made from contrasting materials. The table saw, equipped with a dado head, provides a great way to make box joints, provided you have a jig. WWGOA’s box joint jig video shows a simple shop-made box joint jig is the perfect solution to your box joint needs.

The plans for this jig can be found here.

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8 Responses to “Box Joint Jig Video: How to Make a Box Joint Jig/Finger Joint Jig for a Tablesaw”

  1. Jim Hipwell

    Great to know how to adjust the jig but how did you make it from scratch? Mostly curious about the pin and space between pin and blade.


    Some years ago, I made an elaborate—many might say ridiculously so—jig which is somewhat similar to Matthias Wandel's screw advance box-joint jig, but varies in many ways. It does however have a gearbox facilitating a moveable carriage. I had never been able previously to escape the problem of compounding whatever original error might exist in the first cut, e.g. being a thou off in the first cut will create an error of two-hundredths in the twentieth. I just don't know how to avoid the problem this way.

  3. Craw3

    It didnt say how to make the jig

  4. charveyneal

    This tells how to adjust the jig but nothing about how to use it. I need to know how it's used starting with the blanks.

  5. Gerard

    Where can I get the plans for this box joint jig? The link does not show up on my iPhone.

  6. dalemurray

    Just a suggestion, how about making the links in the articles a little more obvious. I'm color blind and had to mouse over the article looking for my pointer to change. Color seems like an obvious indicator but not for everyone.

  7. puly57

    HE explained how to use it, but not how it was constructed. It look simple.

  8. cwint44

    Understand the making of box joint jig but no mention of the making of the pin?

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