Paul Mayer

2021 Product Showcase: Bora Centipede

Paul Mayer
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Duration:   5  mins

Do you have more than enough workbench space in your shop? Do you have more than enough floor space in your shop? The Bora Centipede can help you with both of those issues. When you’re not using the Centipede it easily collapses into a small package. When you need it, it provides a solid work surface.

Centipede specs

There are multiple sizes of Centipedes available. In this video we’re working with the 2’x4’ unit with a table top. The Centipede is 30” tall, folds into a very small footprint and supports up to 2500 pounds. Folded, this unit is 6” x 9” x 44”. The base of this unit is Bora’s CK6S Workstand.

You can also get Centipedes as 4’ x 4’ workstands, 3500 pound capacity, 4’ x 6’ workstands, 4500 pound capacity, and 4’ x 8’ workstand, 6000 pound capacity.

Dog holes

If you’re not a fan of dog holes the table top is available plain, without any holes. If you do like dog holes you can get the top with 20 mm or ¾” holes. The dog holes are a great addition to the top, allowing you to use a variety of stops and hold downs with the workstand.


The Centipedes come with 2×4 brackets that easily drop into the tops of the legs and hold 2x4s. This is a handy addition that allows you to use the workstand as a cutting platform when you’re cutting plywood down to size.

More info

For more information on the Bora Centipedes visit the company’s website or call (248) 588-0395.

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