Why is Woodworking Good for You?

Woodworking can mean something different to everyone. For some it’s an opportunity to stretch the creative muscles. For others it’s a source of stress relief. For many of us, it’s a connection to our past or families.

We wanted to know, what makes woodworking meaningful for you? How has it impacted your life? We posed the question on Facebook, and here is what you had to say.

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Woodworking is good for me because it keeps me close to my father and reminds me of the projects we worked on together over the years. He always told me, “Once you get sawdust in your hair, you’ll never get it out.” – Ken B.

I suffer from chronic depression. I found that when I am in my shed, working on a project for myself or for others, it put me at peace with my world. I find that I look forward to getting back there to continue whatever woodworking project I’m doing! – Dave B.

Woodworking is good for me because it allows me to create something useful and lasting. – James W.

There is nothing like taking a pile of wood and turning it in to something. Then having your family say how beautiful it is. Plus, sawdust is good for the soul. – Scott E.

Woodworking is who I am. It makes the world go away for a while and I can express what is going through my mind at the time. When I close my doors and put on some classical music, my mind stops to think and everything goes to my hands with no influence from the everyday stuff. I have no plans or diagrams of anything in my shop – I just do what feels right. Sometimes I feel like a blind man feeling his way through the world. – Brian R.

I love woodworking because it teaches my children that you don’t have to rely on others to build something for you to buy in a store. They appreciate the furniture I build and tell people with pride that I built it. I love that my children are seeing a world outside of what they can buy in a store. – Tabitha B.

I’m an artist and an over-50-something. Woodworking helps me create better-made wall art pieces through the understanding of wood joinery and assembly techniques, and learning a completely new skillset at my age is good for the brain, too! – Valerie H.

Woodworking is good for me because it means a lot to me to build pieces that other people will enjoy. It’s also a great way to spend time with my wife who enjoys it as well! – Dan S.

I too suffer from depression and anxiety. Woodworking definitely helps calm the nerves and allows me to forget about everything else for a while. Also I am a carpenter by trade and we don’t cut too many dovetails these days, so letting the creative juices flow after work is fun. – Kevin W.

Woodworking is good for me because I know I will have beautiful and beneficial wood pieces for holiday gifts and for my comfort, thanks to my talented woodworking son, Laney. – Mary Beth

Woodworking is therapeutic for me. Using only hand tools and working at my own leisurely pace in a peaceful environment, I don’t have to worry so much about the end result but enjoy the process of crafting something from nothing. Plus I get to take pride in designing and making something with my own hands. – Troy L.

Woodworking is not only good, but great for me. It allows me to utilize everything I’ve been gifted with. Secondly, it has given me a goal to reach for which is to do what I love and to be able to support my family. – Nicholas S.

As a busy accountant and mother, woodworking is my “me time.” I let all the stresses, deadlines, and demands fall away when I’m in the shop. It forces me to concentrate on the one thing I am cutting or measuring. By doing that, it relaxes my mind from making lists of things to do and places the kids have to go. I need that – I need time to think of one thing and one thing only. – Tabitha B.

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32 Responses to “Why is Woodworking Good for You?”

  1. Paul Crouch

    After a long day in prison (working), woodworking is such a stress relief. It gives me quality time with the Lord and my son. Creating things on your own, and being able to share it with others is such a great accomplishment and a blessing!

  2. Bob H.

    I’m a retired engineer, former USAF pilot and a flight instructor for 43 years. Now, let me explain… as a electrical engineer woodworking allows me to still design and build things, it’s wonderful. As a former pilot and flight instructor woodworking provides the same “leave my problems behind” feelings that flying did. It’s my retirement enjoyment! I love making things and fininishing things with precision and a deep shine – I feel remarkable and, when my wife (an artist and retired accountant) sees the finished product and loves it (as I appreciate her art).
    Woodworking as an art, profession, Bobby or retirement pass time is beautiful. Thank God for wood and than Lowe’s and Home Depot for the tools. I love woodworking


  3. Rudi

    Woodworking makes me creative.. Clears my mind and make space for new ideas.. Wood very versatile to use and easy and fun.. It keeps the soul positive. Making stuff and feel good about it.

  4. Gerald Byrnes

    I’m retired and I don’t like working on wood with wood and give me something to do make a little money on the side if I can

  5. Karl F. Newman

    the point that many people miss is that we (all humans) are creative by our nature and our instinct. Yet we spend our lives doing jobs and tasks that require us to NOT be creative… this causes all of us a lot of stress. Any hobby that is primarily creative in nature will satisfy the creative parts of our psyche and alleviate that stress. Even if you are following directions and making something that hundreds of others have made… for you it’s the first time… be well all yall

  6. & hobbies Woodworkers - Wecrib

    […] Why is Woodworking Good for You? | WoodWorkers Guild of America – woodworking is one of the few remaining jobs/careers/hobbies that is not soley reliant upon technology and which hasn't changed since the. […]

  7. Meshack Nyamema

    Woodworking enable me to be proud and more confident whenever I see products of my hands and creativity mavellers

  8. jaffer hussain

    I am 70 years old and have found working with wood is very relaxing. All my adult business life I have always used used woods to build. Now I have tons of best woods to build things I like. Your article is very satisfying to know there are people out there who finds wood working pleasant and stress free.

  9. bill griffith

    woodworking is one of the few remaining jobs/careers/hobbies that is not soley reliant upon technology and which hasn’t changed since the beginning of time. A tree is still a tree and no computer can change that.Day by day the number of people who can do something with their hands apart from turning on a computer and hitting keys is quickly diminishing. Soon woodcraft people should be the highest paid profession in the world if only because the educated derelicts all need something to sit and walk on.

  10. Kris

    Always been an artist but now I’m building my first project with hand tools and scrap wood. I think I’ve found my cure for anxiety and depression! Wonderful to find this site with other reflections!

  11. Patrick

    woodworking is my passion. it helps me meet income shortages and makes me think of better ideas everyday.

  12. Daniel

    Woodworking is really good me when i first starting getting bad anxiety attacks and i noticed wood working is a blessing it helps keep me calm and its a talen ive been blessed with

  13. Gerald G.

    In the past 30 yrs I’ve been Law Enforcement and & my stress in a back log. I took wood working in high school and I enjoyed so much that I hung onto that feeling. After retiring I went back to wood working and I started making small furniture an as I got older, I started making wooden toys and since then I have been giving the TOYs away, and all I do now goes to the children around the local area here in The Black hills of South Dakota, I enjoy the love of wood wooking an the JOY of seeing thier little eyes get big and the smiles makes my wood work all worth It…

  14. Gerald Whitworth

    Woodworking has saved a lot of lives. Every time I feel like killing someone, I go make some sawdust.

  15. Dave Janes

    In my professional life I manage large complex projects that involves directing the work of many others. I’m very dependent on them to do their work and do it well. At the end of the day I’m mentally exhausted but sometimes have little to physically show for it. What I love about wood working is that I’m the only one involved. Results, good or bad are on me. I control the entire process and at the end of the day I have something tangible to show for my efforts. There’s an old adage that people like to see the chips fly and so do I.

  16. Jerry Brown

    Woodworking is satisfying, the joy of working with your hands making something. Walnut Oak or what ever doesn’t matter.When the project is finished.The pride and satisfaction and enjoyment stays with you the rest of your life! Would be good therapy for Veterans.

  17. Bill Kelly

    As I transform wood from something worthy of rotting or burning into something useful and even beautiful, my soul gives thanks to God who is doing the same for me and my family.

  18. Paul Bailey

    I ‘discovered’ woodworking to fill a need my teacher/daughter had when she needed book shelves. Nothing available in stores was as sturdy or long-lasting as what I can fashion and which can take the abuse given by little students. I found it satisfying to make something which will last and that she can say was made by her dad. This expanded to other projects, i.e., hope chests, a roll around kitchen cart to supplant a lack of counter space in her tiny apartment, then more book cases for her and her sister.
    I learn as I go, but the satisfaction of taking a raw material (wood), and creating something lasting is very satisfying. It is similar to when we had a photo studio and I could take a piece of raw material (blank photo paper) and create a lasting image for a customer. AND, it is a ‘hobby’ where the opportunity for creativity is never ending as is the learning process!

  19. Michael Burkoske

    I love the entire process of creating (or finding), developing and completing a variety of different woodworking projects. I recently spent considerable time on a project as a gift for a friend, in her letter of thanks she wrote “I can’t express how much I love it and how much it means to me. The workmanship is beautiful and knowing the time and love you put into it makes it something I will always treasure.” That makes it all worthwhile to me. I recently saw a great quote, “The world always seems brighter when you’ve made something that wasn’t there before.” Neil Gaiman

  20. JOHN

    I am able to convert my apprehensions concerning that hunk of wood and change them to rewarding success.

  21. Charles M

    When I get involved on a project in my shop the world doesn’t exist. Charlie T.

  22. bdsmith

    Woodworking is my time, plus my family thinks there is nothing Dad can’t make. I found out a long time ago that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be greatly appreciated. I look forward to having my 4 month old grandson in the shop with me.