Trammel Points for Laying Out Large Curves and Circles

Using Trammel Points from RocklerWhen it comes to making BIG circles, you need a pair of trammel points. This set, sold by Rockler, is very nice. I really like the wooden handles and brass fittings. They not only look good, they also feel good in your hands, and work great for large radius projects.

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Using Trammel Points from RocklerIn the set, you get two needle points and #2 pencil lead. There’s on board storage for the tips and lead inside the handle. You’ll need to make your own beam to connect the points.

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Trammel Points #39394



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3 Responses to “Trammel Points for Laying Out Large Curves and Circles”

  1. James Armitage

    Can I purchase the Trammel #39394 points from you direct, I live in Scotland.UK.

    • Customer Service

      Hi James. I am sorry, these are sold by Rockler. Here is the link If you have any question, please contact our customer service team at 1-855-253-0822.
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