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On SawStop’s website, they say that the SawStop cabinet saw must be wired directly into the shop power according to NEC. As I: 1) like to (must) move my saw and 2) always unplug it when I’m working on it, that seems odd to me. On your video, “Essential Woodworking Techniques,” you unplug the SawStop to work on it, just as I would expect. Have you experienced any untoward effects from using a plug? Does it affect the standing of your warranty? Also, does the SawStop cabinet saw include a power cord?

Submitted by chemdad


I unplug my saw for set up and blade changes because the plug is a little more convenient to reach then the power disconnect on the saw. A friend of mine who owns a cabinet shop has his SawStop hard wired (no plug) and they use the disconnect.

I forwarded your question to the folks at SawStop, and here’s what they said:

“The answer is that while our manual says hook directly, it’s quite fine to use a plug and receptacle arrangement. Which plug and receptacle depends on local electrical code requirements and the voltage and current requirements of your saw. Installing via this method does not impact the warranty, if done correctly. If you are not familiar with proper methods, consult a qualified electrician.”

Regarding your question about whether the SawStop cabinet saw includes a power cord, the answer is no. It must be permanently connected to the building electrical system in accordance with National Electric Code. Consult a licensed electrician if you are unsure how to properly connect the saw to your building’s electrical system. Your SawStop dealer may provide electrical hookup service.

I hope this helps.


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2 Responses to “Ask WWGOA: SawStop Power Connections”
  1. Bill Hughes

    My sawstop runs on 220. Does the plug style matter. I am moving into a new shop and the outlets look more like something a laundry drier might use.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Bill. The outlets that you are describing are likely higher amperage, and you would not want to run a SawStop on that. You should seek advice from an electrician on this question.