• Tapered Cuts on the Table Saw: Pattern Cutting

    Using a table saw, George Vondriska shows you how to cut angled pieces of wood using a technique called pattern cutting. With a shop-made fence, some clamps, double-faced tape and a straight edge, you can easily make accurate tapered cuts on your table saw for your next woodworking project.

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  • Taper Cuts on the Table Saw: Straight Edge

    For some woodworking projects you will need to cut pieces that are tapered. George Vondriska shows you a great woodworking technique for cutting tapered pieces using a table saw, a piece of hard board as a straight edge and some screws. It’s quick, easy and a safe way to make taper cuts on a table…

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  • Squaring Big Parts

    Crosscutting lumber with a miter gauge on your tablesaw is a quick process, but there are always size limitations. George Vondriska gives you a tip to gain some extra capacity by borrowing a commercial manufacturing technique for squaring big parts.

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  • Table Saw Measuring using a Stop Block

    George Vondriska provides tips and tricks for measuring for woodworking projects using a stop block and crosscutting wood on your table saw. A WoodWorkers Guild of America original video.

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