Wooden Key and Mail Organizer

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Duration: 17:23

Remove the clutter from your kitchen counter with this easy-to-make key and mail organizer that has space for envelopes, keys, phones and other small accessories. In this week’s project demonstration, master woodworker George Vondriska teaches you how to use some basic and intermediate woodworking techniques to build the shelf, including rabbet joinery for the sides, top and bottom, resawing for book-matched edge-to-edge joinery, headless pinning for base assembly, laying out and drilling holes for the key hooks, and chamfering the front pieces for a smoother, more finished look.

Download the cut list here.

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2 Responses to “Wooden Key and Mail Organizer”

  1. John R Randolph

    The PDF cut list is for Mud Room Lockers and a stool, nor the Key and Letter holder.

    • Customer Service

      Hi John. You will find the Mail/Key Organizer at the bottom of the page.
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