Turn Your Pictures Into Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

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Duration: 3:21

George Vondriska shows you how to use a scroll saw to turn any of your favorite pictures in to a wood jigsaw puzzle. He tells you which blade you should use depending on the thickness of your material and demonstrates some of the woodworking techniques you can utilize when cutting out the pieces.


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4 Responses to “Turn Your Pictures Into Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles”

  1. David

    Another suggestion: After applying the picture to the plywood and applying a couple coats of shellac, turn the plywood over and draw the puzzle parts out with a pencil. It will help keep the parts uniform is size. Then cut the puzzle apart with the picture side down on the scroll saw table. When cutting, use a reverse-tooth blade to avoid tear-out.

  2. cyberdiver

    Good to see some more scroll saw ideas. Sure, they are mentioned in plenty of books, but seeing it happen on the video makes a big difference.

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