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Easily Apply Edging Tape

Paul Mayer
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Veneer tape, also called edging tape or edge banding, is a GREAT way to cover the edges of man-made materials. If you do this correctly, the completed piece will look like solid wood. Ethan has a bunch of great tips and tricks that will make the process easy and the results great.

Where would I use edging tape?

You can use edge banding anywhere you want to cover the core of man-made materials. A really common application is shelving. Use veneer-faced material such as MDF or plywood for your shelves, cover the edges with tape, and no one will ever know.

How’s it work?

Veneer tape or edging tape has a heat sensitive adhesive on the back. You need to activate the adhesive to get it to stick to your project. When you’re buying your tape be sure that it’s a little wider than the finished thickness of the part your working on. The width of the tape should exceed the thickness of the material by at least 1/16”.

What do I need?

Tooling up to apply edge banding is easy. You need something to activate the adhesive; a heat gun or household iron works great. You’ll also need a scrap of wood you can use to press the heated veneer tape in place. A great way to trim the oversized tape is by using a card scraper. Ethan shows you how. Finally, you’ll need some sandpaper to clean up the edges.

Can I always match my sheet stock?

Many home centers sell edge banding for ¾” stock in common species like maple and oak. Look at more specialized retailers, like woodworking specialty stores, for other species and wider tape.

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