Clever Uses For Wood Shavings

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Duration: 21:38

We all want to find ways to use up our scraps or shavings creatively. That’s why Woodworkers Guild of America has been hosting live events to give you some ideas.

These live events were originally hosted on our Facebook Page, but we want to make sure you can learn how to make these projects any time, so we’ve put them on our website!

In this video, learn how to make your own fire starters with three simple things: wood shavings, egg cartons, and wax.

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2 Responses to “Clever Uses For Wood Shavings”

  1. Darci Fraser

    I’ve made these for years and I add creosote busting powder which looks great in a campfire.

  2. Ken wehr

    I make these fire starter, I also use old candles with the wax. Gets rid of old candles!