Woodworking Projects: Collector’s Edition 11-DVD Set + FREE Drill Press Laser

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Bundle: Woodworking Projects: Collector’s Edition 11-DVD Set + FREE Wixey Drill Press Laser

11-DVD Set: Woodworking Projects: Collector’s Edition

In our second edition of the weekend project series, we give you over 21 hours of creative and essential woodworking projects, including a tool chest, lathe table, Adirondack chair and BBQ cart. You can finish an entire project in one weekend, or spread it out over time and really enjoy the process. Our expert woodworker George Vondriska packs countless valuable tips and techniques into these step-by-step video tutorials, so if you ever feel lost in the mess, just hit rewind and watch him do it over again. 1261 minutes.

Projects & Techniques Include:

  • Backyard Barbecue Cart
  • CD Storage Rack
  • Cherry Bookcase
  • Classic Tool Chest
  • Comfortable Adirondack Chair
  • Cordless Drill Stand
  • Custom Wood Travel Mug
  • Drill Press Storage Cabinet
  • Elegant Bedside Table
  • End-Grain Cutting Board
  • Flag Case
  • Graceful Sideboard Table
  • Hand Planes & Scrapers
  • Handmade Knives
  • Ladder Shelf
  • Matching Saw Horses
  • Mechanic’s Tool Chest
  • Modular Wine Rack
  • Music Box
  • Pen Turning Techniques
  • Round Stool, Handy Lathe Table
  • Routed Bowl
  • Shop Cabinet for Benchtop Tools
  • Shop Storage Solutions
  • Shop Table
  • Shop Tools
  • Shop-Made Straightedge
  • Stowaway Bench
  • Table Top Foosball
  • Turning a Baseball Bat
  • Unique Turning Projects
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    FREE Tool: Wixey Drill Press Laser ($40 Value)

    The Wixey WL133 Drill Press Laser projects a thin set of cross-hairs onto your drill press table precisely where the drill bit will contact the work piece. Allowing the user to quickly position and clamp the work piece in place so that the hole is drilled exactly where needed. This eliminates the need to repeatedly lower the bit to the surface and align the tip of the bit to the desired hole location.


  • Thin and precise easy to adjust cross-hairs
  • Mounts quickly to any drill press
  • Cross-hairs stay on center at any table or work piece height
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)