Advanced Techniques: Joinery & Cabinetry DVD with Tape Measure

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Bundle: Advanced Techniques: Joinery & Cabinetry DVD with Tape Measure

Advanced Techniques: Joinery & Cabinetry – 90 minutes

This single video provides a great range of instruction, tips and must-have woodworking skills. When you master the techniques of joinery and elements of cabinet making, you open the door to create many fantastic projects in your shop. Specific skills you’ll learn include:

  • Cathedral Raised Panel Doors
  • Determining bandsaw drift
  • Crafting a drawer lock joint with a slot cutter router bit
  • Making sliding dovetails
  • Tapering Legs on a Jointer
  • How to Hand-Cut a dado joint
  • And more…
  • These skills will help you take your woodworking projects to the next level!

    ProCarpenter Tape Measure

    This ProCarpenter Tape Measure is a great addition to any shop or home. With a 12’ length, a 5/8” wide blade, and measurements in both standard and metric measures, it’s perfect for nearly any woodworking project.

    In addition, this tape measure includes the following six innovative features:

  • Lever action belt clip
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Dual Locking System
  • Erasable Notepad
  • High-contrast Tape
  • Rugged Compact Design
  • Watch a preview of this DVD below: