Cabinets, Sanding and Color 5-DVD Set + 3-Piece Self Centering Hinge Set


Item: D1072Q


Bundle: Cabinets, Sanding and Color 5-DVD Set + 3-Piece Self Centering Hinge Set

5-DVD Set: Cabinets, Sanding and Color

If you’re primed to build new cabinets, and want to make sure they’ll have a great finish on them, this video set is for you. In it, we build a full set of face frame style uppers and lowers providing you with the opportunity to learn about:

  • Cabinet lay out
  • Handling sheet goods and solid wood to optimize yield
  • Building melamine cabinet carcases
  • Face frame lay out and assembly
  • Doors and drawers
  • Making a countertop
  • How sanding affects stain color
  • Home-center-available stains and top coats, pros and cons
  • Tips for applying stains and top coats
  • This is a great cabinet making package, sure to increase your skills and confidence. 451 minutes.

    Kitchen Cabinets 1

    Kitchen Cabinets 2

    Controlling Color with Success

    Sanding, Stains & Top Coats

    Advanced Sanding Techniques

    Tool: 3-Piece Self Centering Hinge Bit Set

    These self-centering hinge drill bits make it easy to drill holes for door and cabinet hinges. This set is perfect for your next woodworking project, and includes three popular sizes to drill through metal, plastic, wood and more! A highly durable hinge drill bit set, it will allow you to put on hinges accurately and efficiently.


  • 5/64 in., 7/64 in., 9/64 in. self-centering drill bits
  • High speed steel
  • Brass body
  • Steel shank
  • Also includes (1) 1/8″ Hex Key