The Complete Bandsaw Skills Bundle


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Bundle: The Complete Bandsaw Skills Collection

With over 4 1/2 hours of instruction, this collection combines two in-depth video classes from Woodworkers Guild of America and four video download tips – focused specifically on bandsaws and their many functions. Together, these videos will provide you with invaluable instruction and will help you get more out of your tools, your time, and your skills!

To maximize your convenience and long-term viewing flexibility, you’ll own the two classes in TWO forms – on DVD and via streaming video online. With this 2-media access, you can enjoy or share the instruction no matter where you’re at!

This bundle includes over 4 hours of video instruction with the class titles and video downloads below. In addition, you’ll get a Grr-Rip Block and a bottle of table top lubricant – fantastic items for using with your bandsaw and with many other shop tools. These two items alone have a value of $53 when sold separately.

Each of the classes you’ll receive includes bonus printable PDF resources that will supplement and expand upon the video instruction you’ll see. See below for a description of what is included in this major collection.

Bandsaw Essentials

From tight curves to large sweeping curves, thin stock to thick timbers, bandsaws can handle it all. Equipped with the right blade, and correctly set up, the versatility of a bandsaw is amazing.

This video class will provide you with the information you need to get the most out of your bandsaw, use it safely, and make it a go-to tool in your shop. You’ll learn all about:

  • Setting up your bandsaw properly
  • Blade selection
  • Essential safety know-how
  • Making accurate cuts
  • Resawing approaches
  • Eliminating jams
  • Instructor: George Vondriska
    Video run-time: 115 minutes

    PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources and helpful information to supplement your class content:

  • Class Guide PDF, as reference for key elements of the class instruction
  • Class Resources PDF, for a list of tools, suppliers, and other helpful information
  • VIDEO: Meet your instructor
  • VIDEO: Listen to George talk about the importance of having good bandsaw skills
  • Bandsaw Jigs

    The bandsaw is already an incredibly versatile tool, allowing you to make cuts no other machine in a shop can do. From sawing logs to doing joinery to cutting fine details, a bandsaw can do it all, and more.

    You can take your bandsaw even further by building and learning to use a few simple shop-made jigs. And video class is a great way to learn how to make and use several helpful jigs.

    The jigs will make your bandsaw easier and safer to use, and allow you to make cuts you couldn’t make without them.

    You’ll learn to use and build five great bandsaw jigs:

  • Dovetails: Allows you to cut through dovetails of any spacing you want
  • Log sled: Use for cutting logs into lumber for you shop
  • Miter gauge resaw: A dirt simple way to make a fence with drift compensation
  • Single point resaw: Use this jig to resaw without doing drift compensation
  • Circle jig: Cut perfect circles, every time, with this jig. Adjust it for any diameter you need
  • Instructor: George Vondriska
    Video run-time: 117 minutes

    PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources and helpful information to supplement your class content:

  • Class Guide PDF, as reference for key class instruction
  • Class Resource document that will give you added information on the jigs you’ll see in the Class
  • VIDEO: See your instructor discuss the value of bandsaw jigs
  • 4 Bandsaw Video Downloads

    In addition to the two video classes above, you’ll also get four Video Downloads to own with this bundle – each on a specific bandsaw tip or project. Totaling over 30 minutes of video, these downloads will help you get the most out of your bandsaw, and put into practice some of the techniques you’ll be learning. You can download and save these 4 videos on any device:

  • How to Make a Bandsaw Box (run-time: 13:40)
  • Making Tapered Legs on a Bandsaw (run-time: 8:50)
  • Making a Bandsaw Fence (run-time: 3:30)
  • Balance Your Bandsaw Wheels (run-time: 4:30)
  • GRR-Rip Block ($30 Value)

    The non-slip material and smart Gravity Heel technology in the GRR-RIP BLOCK improves control over your work piece. GRR-RIP BLOCK’s cutting edge technology increases safety and stability when working with jointers, band saws, router tables, shapers and table saws. No other pushblock features smart Gravity Heel hooks that automatically drop down to catch the end of your workpiece. GRR-RIP BLOCK’s Gravity Heels grab the tail-end of the board or automatically retract mid-board. This product is both highly useful as well as an essential safety tool for your shop. George even recommended it!

    Table Top Lubricant – 8 oz ($23 Value)

    Table-Top Lubricant is as close as you can get to putting your wood on ball-bearings! Smooth straight feeds make straight tight cuts! This advanced table top surface lubricant uses Empire’s micro lubrication technology that bonds to the surface structure reducing sliding friction between wood and metal surfaces, improving sliding actions. Reducing sliding friction eliminates board hang-up and binding for smoother material feeds.