Tapered Display Tower DVD with Wixey Digital Protractor


Item: D1112Q


Bundle: Tapered Display Tower DVD with Wixey Digital Protractor

127 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Make a Gauge Block
  • Cut Sides to Length
  • Layout the Sides
  • Cut Shelves to Length
  • Locate Top & Bottom Shelf
  • Cut Biscuit Slots: Top & Bottom Shelves
  • Cut Slots: Top & Bottom Shelves
  • Locate the Other Shelves
  • Transfer Shelf Layout & Joinery
  • Cut Sides to Shape
  • Rabbit for the back
  • Cut & Sand the Feet
  • Make the False Tenon Blanks
  • Notch the False Tenons
  • Layout the Wedges
  • Sanding the Wedges
  • Attach the Wedges to the Tenons
  • Assembly Continued
  • Dimension the Drawer
  • Cutting the Lock Rabbit Joint
  • Make the Top
  • Fasten the False Tenons
  • Staining Options
  • Wixey Digital Protractor / Rule

    The Wixey Digital Protractor / Rule measures angles in any plane with 0.1° resolution, accuracy, and repeatability. Also, with magnets embedded in every edge of the protractor, it’s great for power tools such as table saws, band saws, jointers and will help you more-simply set it in place. It automatically references itself to the table, blade and/or fence. Perfect as a digital angle finder for finding and transferring angles, for layout work, and as a setup tool for setting miter and bevel angles, this is sure to make your woodworking easier and more efficient!


    Range: 0 – 360 degrees
    Resolution: 0.1 degrees
    Accuracy: +/- 0.3 degrees
    Repeatability: +/- 0.2 degrees
    Battery: type 3.0V CR2032 (included)
    Function: Auto shutoff for extended battery life

    Watch a preview of this DVD below:

    Watch a preview of the Digital Protractor below: