Workshop Solutions 10-DVD Set + FREE Brass Gauges


Item: D1067Q


Bundle: Workshop Solutions 10-DVD Set + FREE Brass Gauges

10-DVD Set: Workshop Solutions

We’ve created a premium video set with over 14 hours of step by step video tutorials, all taught by our master woodworker George Vondriska. You’ll learn how to plan and build things that will help make your workshop and your woodworking the best it can be. Learn about storage solutions, jigs, and fixtures. Have the instructions to build an off-cuts storage rack, rolling material cart, first aid kit, safety gear cabinet, cordless drill organizer and much more. 863 minutes.

Jigs, Fixtures & Shop-Made Helpers – 74 minutes.

Practical Woodworking Aids & Jigs – 77 minutes.

Shop Storage Solutions – 115 minutes.

Clever Project and Workshop Solutions – 58 minutes.

Shop-Made Problem Solvers – 69 minutes.

Shop Solutions – 123 minutes.

Easy Shop Improvement Solutions – 78 minutes.

Shop-made First Aid Cabinet – 84 minutes.

Safety Gear Cabinet & Cordless Drill Organizer – 94 minutes.

Great Shop Projects – 91 minutes.

FREE Tool: Whiteside Brass Set Up Gauges ($12 Value)

Quickly and easily make accurate set-ups with this very helpful tool!

5 piece set comes with 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4″, 3/8” and 1/2” stackable squares which allows for a wider range of sizes. A great way to make exact depth movements on plunge routers. On table routers, they’re perfect for setting distances from the fence to the cutter, or for checking the bit height above the table. Recommended by George.

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