Weekend Projects & Get Essentials of Woodworking FREE


Item: D1035Q


Bundle: Weekend Projects Boxed Set + FREE Essentials of Woodworking Boxed Set

This special offer combines two of WWGOA’s most popular instruction sets. When you purchase the Weekend Projects 3-DVD Boxed Set of fun and useful project instruction, you get the Essentials of Woodworking 3-DVD Boxed Set as a FREE gift, in which you’ll learn key skills and techniques for using a table saw, band saw and hand-held router.

Including both sets, you’ll get over 10 hours of hands-on instruction from George Vondriska. With this collection, you’re sure to get more enjoyment, success and great work from your time in the shop.


There are two ways to get the hang of your favorite weekend woodworking projects: the hard way and the master woodworker’s way. Say goodbye to trial-and-error and get the absolute best woodworking instruction available on DVD it’s like a hands-on class in your own shop. Join master woodworker George Vondriska as he dives into specific how-to techniques on projects you’ve been eager to try. Get ready to take on projects you thought only the pros could handle and learn how to get projects done in less time and with better results. These DVDs are the tools you need to get started. 326 minutes.

Projects & Techniques Include:

  • Table Saw Blade Storage
  • Long Bow
  • Hand Made Storage Box
  • Mail and Key Organizer
  • Fishing Rod Rack
  • Mud Room Locker
  • Planter
  • Coat Tree
  • Craftsman Table
  • Stylish Stool
  • Carving a Santa Face
  • Occasional Table

    Your time is precious, especially when you’re in your workshop. Now you can make every minute count with the best woodworking instruction available on DVD. Join George Vondriska as he shares his woodworking secrets, tips and techniques. Learn from decades of his experience building thousands of beautifully finished projects. Whatever your skill level, woodworking for beginners to experienced, these DVDs are just what you need to get started. 289 minutes.

    Table Saw Techniques – 94 minutes.

    This DVD will make you a table saw pro by providing the information most manufacturers don’t – how to perfectly set up your saw. With a finely tuned saw you can make safer and more accurate cuts such as finger joints, splines, cove cutting and much more.

    Band Saw Techniques – 115 minutes.

    To achieve perfect and safe cuts with your band saw, make sure to perform crucial tune-ups, including checking the tires, tracking the blade and setting the guide blocks. Techniques include cutting perfect circles, dovetails, pattern cutting duplicate parts and resawing.

    Hand Held Router Techniques – 80 minutes.

    Maximize one of the most versatile tools in our shop, the router. Learn how to sharpen your own router bit, the correct and safe feed direction for any cut, how to route an inlay, end trimming large panels and much more.

    Watch a preview of this set below: