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Tool Set Up and Maintenance Video Download


Video Download: Tool Set Up and Maintenance

99 minutes.

Chapter Topics:
Your Tool Set-Up & Maintenance Kit

Table Saw

  • Blade Parallel to the Fence
  • Lubricating the Table Top
  • Miter Gauge Square to Blade
  • Calibrating the Fence Cursor
  • Cleaning & Lubricating the Saw Infrastructure
  • Jointer

  • Replacing Knives
  • Setting Outfeed Table Height
  • Calibrating Cutting Depth Indicator
  • Checking for Fench Perpendicular to Table
  • Band Saw

  • Wheel & Tire Maintenance
  • Guide Blocks & Thrust Bearings
  • Blade Perpendicular to Table
  • Planer

  • Changing Knives in a Benchtop Planer
  • Benchtop Planer Roller & Table Maintenance
  • Changing Knives in a Stationary Planer
  • Stationary Planer Roller & Table Maintenance
  • Removing Rust from Tool Surfaces