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Finishing Essentials: Tips & Tricks Video Download


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Video Download: Finishing Essentials: Tips & Tricks

86 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Use the Right Brush
  • Using Dye as a Base Color
  • Best Time of Day for Finishing
  • Getting a Shiny Finish with Furniture Oil
  • Runs in Your Finish
  • Shop-Made Exhaust Set-Up
  • Pretreating Brushes
  • Blending Sap and Heartwood
  • Spray Stain without a Spray Gun
  • Ensure a Clear Finish
  • Quickly Staining Large Areas
  • Create a Cool Contrast
  • Seal End Grain with CA Glue
  • Mixing Stains
  • Correct Use of a Random Orbit Sander
  • Sanding Edges and Ends
  • Routing vs. Sanding
  • Stiffening a Brush
  • Disposing of Old Finish
  • Finishing the Finish
  • Take it Easy on Curves
  • Getting the Stain Color Right
  • Make a Brush Soaker
  • Raise Grain with Alcohol
  • Lighten a Dark Stain
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