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Video Download: Spraying

Spraying high-quality finishes is an essential skill for any avid woodworker. You’ll see first hand the equipment, materials and processes needed to achieve the results you want, including shop-tested tips and techniques for spraying. You’ll also discover important safety considerations to protect yourself and your shop. 54 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Ways to Spray
  • Your Spraying Environment
  • Spraying with Aerosols
  • Make Your Own Aerosol Sprayer
  • How a Spray Gun Works
  • Spray Gun Configurations
  • Types of Spray Guns
  • Bounce Back Demonstration
  • Selecting a Spray Gun for Your Shop
  • Spray Gun Setup
  • Using Your Spray Gun
  • Cleaning Your Spray Gun
  • Common Spraying Problems
  • Spraying Stain
  • Spraying with a Garden Sprayer
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