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Methods of Making Cabinet Doors Video Download


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Video Download: Methods of Making Cabinet Doors

There are so many ways you can make rock solid, beautiful cabinet doors in your shop. Whether you want to do your door joinery on a router table or table saw, this video has you covered. You’ll learn to use rail and stile bits on the router table, and how to create a half lap and stub tenon joint on the table saw.

You’ll see three different router bits that can be used for raising panels, and two approaches for making raised panels on the router table, including cove cutting. Need a door frame that will accept glass panels? No problem. We cover that too. 120 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Choosing Material
  • Stub Tenon on the Table Saw
  • Half Lap Joint
  • Coped Rail & Stile Doors: 1 Bit vs. 2 Bit Sets
  • Making an Arched Rail
  • Glass Panel Doors – Dedicated Set
  • Glass Panel Doors – Flush Trim Bit
  • Raised Panel on the Table Saw
  • Coved Raised Panel on the Table Saw
  • Vertical Panel Raiser Bit
  • Horizontal Panel Raiser
  • Horizontal Panel Raiser with Back Cutter
  • Cathedral Panels
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