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Video Download: Shellac

George Vondriska works with David Munkittrick in demonstrating the many advantages to using shellac when finishing woodworking projects. Find out the many benefits there are to using shellac verses another finishing product. See the different kinds of shellac available as well as how to make your own. Also, learn the tricks to speed up the process of applying shellac. “Make friends,” with shellac and use the information provided from these woodworking professionals to beautifully finish your projects. 77 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • What is Shellac
  • Why Use Shellac
  • Types of Shellac
  • Mix Your Own Shellac
  • Applying Shellac
  • Shellac as a Turning Finish
  • Shellac as a Seal Coat
  • Shellac as a Top Coat
  • Repairing Shellac
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