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Video Download: Round Stool Project

Take advantage of having an easy to move and easy accessible stool in your own house. In this video you will learn how to craft your own stool, how to create round rails and curve cut legs, how to make a large surface area to sit on and how to assemble it together as one. You’ll also be shown how to sand for stability and how to create the right dimensions for your stool. 35 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Laying Out Rails
  • Rough Cutting Rails
  • Finish Cutting Rails
  • Cutting Stool Legs
  • Shaping Legs
  • Decorative Routing on Legs & Rails
  • Routing Rail Slots
  • Dry Assembly
  • Cutting Stool Top
  • Glue-up & Final Assembly
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  • Stool Parts List
  • Stool Arch Cutout
  • Stool Leg Cutout
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