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Mechanics Tool Chest Project Download


Item: D1112U


Video Download: Mechanics Tool Chest Project

Take advantage of being able to place small and large tools in this very heavy and durable mechanics tool chest. In this video you will learn how to create the chest itself, how to apply a self-closing drawers feature, and how to create cabinets for storage with adjustable shelves. This chest is easy to move and can hold up to 100 pounds. 36 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Tool Chest Overview
  • Crosscutting Parts
  • Carcase Assembly
  • Rounding Over Case Corners
  • Squaring the Back
  • Clamping Back and Caster Supports
  • Making Drawers
  • Sealing MDF Edges
  • Drawer Box Details
  • Case Hardware Layout
  • Installing Drawer Fronts
  • Cutting Drawer Pulls
  • Accessorizing Your Tool Chest
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