Making a ladder shelf
Making a ladder shelfCabinet with toolsMan wood workingMan with a ladder shelf

Ladder Shelf, Turning A Baseball Bat & Cordless Drill Stand Video Download


Video Download: Ladder Shelf, Turning a Baseball Bat & Cordless Drill Stand

130 minutes.

Ladder Shelf

Chapter Topics:

  • Cutting Shelf Legs
  • Make Dado Jig
  • Layout and Cut Dadoes
  • Determine Size of Shelves
  • Make Shelf Bands
  • Banding Shelves
  • Attach End Bands
  • Assembly
  • Turning a Baseball Bat

    Chapter Topics:

  • Wood Selection
  • Sizing Your Bat
  • Mounting Bat Billet on Lathe
  • Truing Round and Making Knob End Tenon
  • Laying Out Dimensions
  • Setting Cut Depth with Parting Tool
  • Roughing Out the Bat Profile
  • Turning the Knob
  • Sanding
  • Weighing
  • Branding
  • Finishing
  • Cordless Drill Charging Station

    Chapter Topics:

  • Case Joinery
  • Pre-Assembly Details
  • Assembly
  • Make the Drawer
  • Install the Outlet Strip
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