Kitchen Cabinets 2-DVD Set + Hearing Protection FREE!




Bundle: Kitchen Cabinets 2-DVD Set + FREE Hearing Protection

Save money while improving your home by updating your kitchen with new cabinets! George Vondriska takes you through all the steps and the ins-and-outs of this important home improvement project. 199 minutes.

With this 2-DVD set, get the SensGard Hearing Protection free!

2-DVD Set: Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Part 1: Case Construction

Chapter Topics:

  • Cabinet Basics
  • Calculating Part Sizes
  • Optimizing Software
  • Case Material Choices
  • Rough Cutting Sheet Goods
  • Table Saw Cutting Sequence
  • Cut the Toe
  • Adjustable Shelf Holes
  • Assemble the Cabinet
  • Kitchen Cabinets Part 2: Face Frames, Countertops, Doors & Drawers

    Chapter Topics:

  • Measuring the Face Frames
  • Cutting the Face Frame Parts
  • Assembling the Face Frame
  • Build the Countertop Core
  • Laminate the Countertop
  • Glue on a Face Frame
  • Dimensioning Drawer Boxes
  • Drawer Box Joinery
  • Dimensioning Doors
  • Hanging a Door
  • Hanging Drawers
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