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Video Download: Jigs, Fixtures and Shop-Made Helpers

In this step-by-step tutorial, George Vondriska teaches you how to build and use a variety of essential woodworking jigs, fixtures and everyday helpers to make your job in the workshop simpler and less stressful. He first discusses various important tips for choosing the materials you’ll utilize for your jigs, highlights some hardware that you should always keep nearby, and then walks you through the building process. 74 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Jig Material
  • Jig Hardware
  • Sheet Stock Carrier
  • Adjustable Shelf Holes With Router
  • Circle Cutter for Router Table
  • Router Guide
  • George’s Push Stick
  • Narrow Parts Sled for the Table Saw
  • Sheet Stock Cutting Rack
  • Circ Saw Straight Edge
  • Band Saw Cross-Cut Sled
  • Single Point Fence
  • Shop-Made Starter Pin

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