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Handkerchief Table Download




Video Download: Handkerchief Table

160 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Overview
  • Joinery
  • Prep Top Material
  • Glue Up Top
  • Make Book Matched Legs
  • Mortise the Back Corner Leg
  • Mortise the Gate Leg
  • Mortise the Remaining Legs
  • Cut the Gate Leg Hinge
  • Bore for Hinge Pin
  • Scribe Angled Tenons
  • Cut Tenons
  • Hand Fit Angled Tenons
  • Dry Fit for Inner Apron
  • Complete Hinge
  • Notch the Front Leg
  • Assemble Hinge and Apron Blocks to Inner Apron
  • Make a Taper Jig
  • Taper the Legs
  • Assemble Base
  • Cut the Top to Size
  • Rout the Drop Leaf Joint
  • Rout in Hinges
  • Assemble Table
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