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Video Download: Hand Planes & Scrapers

George Vondriska and Adam Peterson provide you with the benefits of using hand planes and scrapers. See how hand planes help you refine your work and add character to your woodworking projects. Find out the many solutions that hand planes provide as well as learn the different application techniques when using hand planes. George and Adam express buying advice, sharpening tips and even how to create tone using your hand planes. Have fun with your hand plane today with these helpful woodworking techniques. 117 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Anatomy of a Plane
  • Why Using a Hand Plane is Cool
  • Buying Advice
  • Plane Shopping
  • Turing the Plane
  • Sharpening a Plane Iron
  • Final Setup
  • Edge Jointing
  • Planing the Face of a Board
  • Fitting a Tenon
  • Flushing up a Dovetail
  • Intro to Scrapers
  • Application of Scrapers
  • Bring it All Together
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