Guitar Making, Wood Coloring & Bending Bundle

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Bundle: Guitar Making & Wood Coloring DVDs & The Wood Bender’s Handbook

DVDs: Guitar Making & Wood Coloring

DVD: Making a Guitar – 50 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Why Choose a Kit
  • What’s in a Kit
  • Jargon
  • Shaping the Bracing
  • Aligning Top to Body
  • Glue Top to Body
  • Neck Prep
  • Check Fit of Truss Rod
  • Glue on the Fretboard
  • Flush Trim Top for Binding
  • Binding & Purfing
  • Glue in Binding
  • Trim Binding & Purfing
  • Locate Bridge
  • Drill & Ream for Bridge Pins
  • Crowning & Fretting
  • Finishing
  • Set Up
  • DVD: Wood Coloring Techniques – 50 minutes.

    Chapter Topics:

  • Organic Stains from the Kitchen
  • Chewing Tobacco Stain
  • Shoe Polish as a Stain
  • Steel Wool and Vinegar
  • Adding Tannins to Wood
  • Bleaching Wood
  • Ammonia on Oak
  • Darkening with Lye
  • Rit Dye
  • Top Coating Colored Wood
  • Book: The Wood Bender’s Handbook

    When it comes to bending wood – whether for components for musical instruments, furniture, boats or much more – those without experience may be understandably cautious because many questions arise. This book is intended to inform about the theories and techniques of wood bending, with detailed instructions to achieve a wide variety of applications. This is a book on principles and not projects – it will help lend to a vast range of applications. Fully illustrated. 144 pages.