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Furniture Making: Secrets, Skills & Techniques Video Download


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Video Download: Furniture Making: Secrets, Skills & Techniques

123 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Overview of Project and Wood Selection
  • Construct the Top & Shelf
  • Cut and Prep Table Legs
  • Joint and Rip Rails
  • Rip and Crosscut Rails & Slats
  • Mortise and Tenon Joints
  • Layout and Mortise Legs
  • Cut Mortises in Rails
  • Cut Tenons on Slats and Rails
  • Table Top Fastener Options
  • Routing All Components
  • Dry Assemble Legs & Rails
  • Attach Lower Shelf Supports
  • Finish Sand All Parts
  • Assemble and Glue Legs, Rails & Slats
  • Flatten and Rip Top & Shelf to Width
  • Assemble Top & Shelf to Base
  • Table Finishing Tips
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