Essentials of Woodworking Box Set + FREE GRR-Rip Block




BUNDLE:Essentials of Woodworking Box Set + FREE GRR-Rip Block

Buy the Essentials of Woodworking Boxed Set and automatically get the GRR-Rip Block FREE!


Your time is precious, especially when you’re in your workshop. Now you can make every minute count with the best woodworking instruction available on DVD. Join George Vondriska as he shares his woodworking secrets, tips and techniques. Learn from decades of his experience building thousands of beautifully finished projects. Whatever your skill level, woodworking for beginners to experienced, these DVDs are just what you need to get started. 289 minutes.

Table Saw Techniques – 94 minutes.

This DVD will make you a table saw pro by providing the information most manufacturers don’t – how to perfectly set up your saw. With a finely tuned saw you can make safer and more accurate cuts such as finger joints, splines, cove cutting and much more.

Band Saw Techniques – 115 minutes.

To achieve perfect and safe cuts with your band saw, make sure to perform crucial tune-ups, including checking the tires, tracking the blade and setting the guide blocks. Techniques include cutting perfect circles, dovetails, pattern cutting duplicate parts and resawing.

Hand Held Router Techniques – 80 minutes.

Maximize one of the most versatile tools in our shop, the router. Learn how to sharpen your own router bit, the correct and safe feed direction for any cut, how to route an inlay, end trimming large panels and much more.

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FREE GRR-Rip Block ($30 Value)

The non-slip material and smart Gravity Heel technology in the GRR-RIP BLOCK improves control over your work piece. GRR-RIP BLOCK’s cutting edge technology increases safety and stability when working with jointers, band saws, router tables, shapers and table saws. No other pushblock features smart Gravity Heel hooks that automatically drop down to catch the end of your workpiece. GRR-RIP BLOCK’s Gravity Heels grab the tail-end of the board or automatically retract mid-board. This product is both highly useful as well as an essential safety tool for your shop. George even recommended it!

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