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Essential Handheld Router Techniques Download


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Video Download: Essential Handheld Router Techniques

Master woodworker George Vondriska explains how versatile a handheld router truly is for woodworking. Learn about the different types of hand held routers and receive some shopping advice from the master woodworker himself. Learn how to make and use shop made jigs while improving your router techniques that will advance your woodworking knowledge and skills. 79 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Types of Routers
  • Electronic Variable Speed
  • Cover Your Bases
  • Insert Tooling Technology
  • Quarter-Inch vs. Half-Inch Shanks
  • Correct Feed Direction
  • Routing and Inlay
  • Routing Dadoes
  • Flush-Trimming Plug Heads
  • Edge-Jointing Large Boards
  • Why Climb Cut?
  • End-Trimming Large Panels
  • Router Bit Maintenance
  • Sharpening a Router Bit
  • Router Maintenance Tips

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