Benchtop CNC Skills 2-Class Set with Book


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Bundle: Benchtop CNC Skills 2-Class Set with Book

Benchtop CNC routers are beginning to truly be a staple in a variety of shops. If you’ve made the investment in a benchtop CNC machine, or are considering the purchase of one, this class set is for you. From the process of getting the CNC machine ready to make cuts and safety measures, to a more advanced skillset, you will have an abundance of tools to take with you.

In total, you’ll get over 3 hours of hands-on CNC video instruction with the two classes described below. This class set also includes detailed downloadable Class Guides to print and keep, which will reinforce key points and instruction in each class.

To maximize your convenience and long-term viewing flexibility, you’ll own these classes in TWO forms – on DVD and via streaming video online. With this 2-media access, you can enjoy or share the instruction no matter where you’re at! And you’ll never lose access to the videos.

As part of this special bundled class offer, you’ll also receive a great resource book with your purchase, called CNC Router Essentials. This easy-to-use book walks you effortlessly through each step in making a CNC machine a game-changing woodworking tool in your shop. With 144 pages, and a value of $24.95 when sold separately, your instruction is presented in an approachable format that will help you maximize the full capacity of your CNC machine. See more details on this book here.

Benchtop CNC Fundamentals

This class goes over all of the ins and outs of Benchtop CNC fundamentals, and is a great way to start safely and get to know a CNC machine inside and out.

Master Woodworker, George Vondriska will lead you, step-by-step, through two different designs, and also will take you through the process of getting the CNC machine ready to make cuts.

The topics included are:
• Terminology of CNC Machines
• Using VCarve Pro Software
• Securing Your Work to CNC Table
• Designing and Creating a Sign
• Special Looks and Efficiency

Benchtop CNC: The Next Level

Benchtop CNC routers are quickly becoming a mainstream tool in many shops. This video class will make sure you’re getting everything you can out of this amazing machine while teaching you many new skills.

Master Woodworker, George Vondriska will lead you in moving to the next level. In this video class you’ll learn about:
• Your spoilboard: Repair, routine maintenance, flycutting
• Your post processor: Making VCarve life a little easier by hiding what you don’t need
• Making multiples: How to easily get project blanks on and off your CNC with repeatability
• 3D clipart: Roughing pass, finishing pass, bit selection
• Adding text to 3D surfaces: Bending text and conforming it to the surface
• Finger joints: Joint layout, optimizing the fit
• Inlay: Duplicating shapes and fitting one part into another

Book: CNC Router Essentials

Operate your CNC machine with skill and confidence! CNC machines are now easier to use, less expensive to purchase, and will greatly increase your woodworking productivity. So, if you’re looking to buy one – or you already have one but wish the user manual was easier to understand — then CNC Router Essentials is the book for you.

Written by veteran woodworkers George Vondriska (our WWGOA managing editor) and Randy Johnson (CNC teacher and previous Editor-in-Chief of American Woodworker magazine), this easy-to-use book walks you effortlessly through each step in learning to use this game-changing woodworking machine.

Project design essentials, toolpath basics, machine setup, bit selection, and more are all explained in an approachable and easy-to-understand format that will have any woodworker maximizing the full capacity of their CNC machine. Helpful practice projects in 2-D and 3-D will ensure that you’ve grasped the basics of this versatile tool, while an image gallery will inspire you to create your own imaginative designs.

Paperback: 144 pages
Book Dimensions: 8” x 10”

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