WWGOA LIVE! January 2018

I was on the road for this event, so this LIVE came to you from April Wilkerson’s shop. She dropped in to help answer a few questions too. Enjoy.

:56 Formula for spraying latex paint with an HVLP
2:09 Vibration on a bandsaw
4:05 Router bit choice for tenons on the router table
4:50 Paper or software for sketching projects
8:04 George’s classes www.vondriskawoodworks.com
9:02 Bit is burning on dado cuts
10:38 Router lifts
11:30 Opinion on Shopsmith tools?
13:05 Shelf life of Titebond glue
13:50 Recommended horsepower for router table router
15:59 Speed choice on a bandsaw
17:00 CNC buying advice
17:55 Using big box store dimensional lumber
20:50 Sharpening router bits
22:50 Mounting a Router Boss to a bench
24:50 Drum sander buying advice
27:30 Cleaning out router table routers
28:56 Rough cutting stock before machining
30:11 Molding head vs router bit
31:38 Cordless or corded jigsaw?
32:30 Mortise bits on a drill press?
33:30 Radial arm saw or sliding miter saw
34:45 Template routing small parts
35:40 Straight knives or spiral head on a jointer?
37:17 Tool surface lubricant
38:40 Using a router collet extension
39:03 Matching raised panel profiles
40:55 Glue up for stair treads?
42:20 Different router bits for different woods?
42:30 Blade recommendation for 10″ bandsaw
43:36 Proper bandsaw blade tension
45:35 Application advice for oil based varnish
47:52 Wood for salt and pepper shakers
48:30 Dado head size for 10″ table saws
49:50 Bench chisel for lathe turning?
51:08 Kiln dried wood for steam bending?
52:46 Scroll saw blade selection
53:50 April Wilkerson’s new shop

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106 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! January 2018”

  1. KARL

    The fine adjustment on your router table , is it universal for many router is it a speciality item?

  2. bill gault

    Good Show.... April is good too.... Pennsylvania (north east)

  3. Henry

    New Hampshire

  4. Todd

    Want to say Thank you from Windsor Ontario. After 35 years of wood working, I am still learning.

  5. John Fortiner

    Thanks. I am watching from Edgewood, NM.

  6. Dallas

    Hey George, my mom has a bedroom suite from childhood that she wants refinished to original color, etc. From about 1968, any suggestion on sanding, painting, etc. At its current age not sure about disassembling to completely sand and refinish... From Havana, Fl

  7. Glen

    Watching from Palmdale, California

  8. Ron Snipes

    Information on the shop this show was filmed and how to contact them?


    Don Patten I am in University Place Washington about 30 miles south of Seattle. I am a premire member and really like the WWGOA site. Thanks for answering my question.

  10. twinamp05

    Pengilly,Minnesota. North east Minn