WWGOA LIVE! January 2018

I was on the road for this event, so this LIVE came to you from April Wilkerson’s shop. She dropped in to help answer a few questions too. Enjoy.

:56 Formula for spraying latex paint with an HVLP
2:09 Vibration on a bandsaw
4:05 Router bit choice for tenons on the router table
4:50 Paper or software for sketching projects
8:04 George’s classes www.vondriskawoodworks.com
9:02 Bit is burning on dado cuts
10:38 Router lifts
11:30 Opinion on Shopsmith tools?
13:05 Shelf life of Titebond glue
13:50 Recommended horsepower for router table router
15:59 Speed choice on a bandsaw
17:00 CNC buying advice
17:55 Using big box store dimensional lumber
20:50 Sharpening router bits
22:50 Mounting a Router Boss to a bench
24:50 Drum sander buying advice
27:30 Cleaning out router table routers
28:56 Rough cutting stock before machining
30:11 Molding head vs router bit
31:38 Cordless or corded jigsaw?
32:30 Mortise bits on a drill press?
33:30 Radial arm saw or sliding miter saw
34:45 Template routing small parts
35:40 Straight knives or spiral head on a jointer?
37:17 Tool surface lubricant
38:40 Using a router collet extension
39:03 Matching raised panel profiles
40:55 Glue up for stair treads?
42:20 Different router bits for different woods?
42:30 Blade recommendation for 10″ bandsaw
43:36 Proper bandsaw blade tension
45:35 Application advice for oil based varnish
47:52 Wood for salt and pepper shakers
48:30 Dado head size for 10″ table saws
49:50 Bench chisel for lathe turning?
51:08 Kiln dried wood for steam bending?
52:46 Scroll saw blade selection
53:50 April Wilkerson’s new shop

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118 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! January 2018”

  1. KARL

    The fine adjustment on your router table , is it universal for many router is it a speciality item?

  2. Todd

    Want to say Thank you from Windsor Ontario. After 35 years of wood working, I am still learning.

  3. Dallas

    Hey George, my mom has a bedroom suite from childhood that she wants refinished to original color, etc. From about 1968, any suggestion on sanding, painting, etc. At its current age not sure about disassembling to completely sand and refinish…
    From Havana, Fl


    Don Patten I am in University Place Washington about 30 miles south of Seattle. I am a premire member and really like the WWGOA site. Thanks for answering my question.

  5. Bruce

    I watched tonight just from curiosity. Thank you for your work tonight .I got a few useful hints.

  6. Bob Essner

    When using an oscillating sander is there a way to assure you end up with a straight edge say on a 1″x 4″ x 3 ft ?

  7. Ron Snipes

    I live In Chiloquin Oregon, 27 miles from Klamath Falls and 30 miles south of Crater Lake.

  8. gcoyne

    I live in So Cal and although I do not do steam bending I know many that do and they have no problems

  9. Jack

    I would like to build a toboggan, however, I cannot get any air dried lumber here in SoCal. Have you had any success with Kiln dried when steam building.

  10. DONALD

    yes you answered my question thank you. I meant an 1/8 inch away from bottoming it out

  11. The Wood Mangler

    I recommend the Dewalt 20v orbital jigsaw. I just bought one due to my bandsaw going down before Christmas, and I had to finish my bowls I was routing. The Dewalt cordless jigsaw cut 1 1/2” hard maple with ease. Battery life was great with a 4 amp hour battery.

  12. Paul

    Do you have any recommendations for classes on spray finishing. I live in North AL and there is nothing around here (community colleges specific to spray finishing) I like Fuji equipment (based on research), but they seem to only have a class in Toronto

  13. Matthew

    How do I determine if my Bandsaw blade is tensioned properly? Is it possible to over tension a blade?

  14. Drew Haney

    Can I use any wood for making salt and pepper shakers? I have some old oak flooring?

  15. Bob Essner

    I have some 12″ x 1″ rough-cut pecan that I plan to use to make wooden stair steps that are 11″ x 36″. Would I be better off planing and using the board intact – or – ripping in 3-4″ widths and gluing them together to get the 11″ width?

  16. John Slaughter

    My new 10″ bandsaw came with a 3/8″ blade. I don’t remember the tpi. What would you recommend for a second blade for other work? It can only go up to 3-1/2″, so is the 3/8″ good enough for resawing?

  17. Brian

    I’m trying to make some raised panels for a new kitchen cabinet I’ve added to my existing kitchen cabinetry. It’s teaklg hard to find a router bit that matches the original profile. I’m thinking now of a combination of table saw bevel and then add a simple round over on the router table. Any advice?

  18. Dave

    I saw you on a video and you were using a product to spray on the table saw so it would not rust. Could you tell me what it is. I am wondering if it was a graphite product

  19. DONALD

    The router extension for making router bowls is inserted into the router collet with about 1/8 inch of play. When I insert the router bit into the extension, do I keep this 1/8 inch clearance or bottom it out
    Don Patten

  20. Gary Petersen

    I have an old 6″ jointer with 3 flat blades. Is the performance of that type of jointer noticeably worse than the newer spiral, segmented blade jointers? I’m just starting to use it with a planer I bought to work with rough-cut wood. Thank you.

  21. Greg

    FYI on big box wet lumber. I always lay my construction lumber on the small side and it doesn’t seem to twist as much as if it is laid on it’s wide side. i.e. on the 2 side of a 2X piece of wood.

  22. Bob Essner

    Yes – the flex shaft drove the blade – hooked to the motor in a housing with a cable inside that twisted apart. Thanks for your suggestion.

    My other question – I have a craftsman 1973 Radial Arm Saw in great shape but I’m considering buying a Ridgid 12″ double compound sliding miter saw on their portable stand. Would there be any reason to keep the radial arm saw if I get the miter saw?

  23. John K

    I have a piece of walnut 5′ long that is curved . Flat on one side and irregular and rounded contour (a outside of a log that was cut up for lumber. My wife would like to make a sofa table out of it. My problem is attaching legs that would be slightly splayed. How is a good method to make the angles of the legs the same. I’m thinking of a thru tenon to attach them to slab. But again the bottom is rounded and the thickness varies.

  24. Leo

    I am thinking about buying a jigsaw. What would you recommend a corded or cordless? Also what brand would you recommend?

  25. Gary

    You guys have been killing it. Thanks for sharing the progress. It’s been fun to watch.

  26. MARK

    I bought a piece of 4/4 rough cut and I’m cutting it down to make a face frame. I have a 6” jointer. Should I cut it down before jointing or joint it big.

  27. Roy

    With the Shopsmith Mark 7. Do you get better results using a Molder Head with three knives or a router bit to cut tongue and groove?

  28. Matthew

    What should I be looking for when shopping for a drum sander for my shop? I am a hobbyest, with a smaller shop. 20 x 30.

  29. Dallas

    Hey George, working on some old furniture for my mother it was her bedroom suite from childhood, around 1969. She has a dresser with mirror, stand up chest of drawers and 2 nightstands. She still uses today but wants it refinished (sanded and repainted the original color). I want it to look good for her, but it has curvy legs and is trimmed in gold paint. Any suggestions, at its current age I’m worried about disassembling to sand completely and repaint. Lots of joints and corners but would like to do a good job for her.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      I’m not a good resource for furniture refinishing. I’ve done very little of it. It’s probably worth contacting a refinishing pro, even if it costs you a few bucks to get their opinion.

  30. John Slaughter

    Do you ever vacuum out the routers in your tables? Or, do you have a secondary vacuum port under the table to keep the router clear?

  31. Tom

    What is your opinion of the Chinese made CNC vs the American made CNC? The prices are quite significantly different.

  32. wbbeaver@hotmail.com

    What is the best way to mount a Router Boss to a bench, I do not have the wall space to mount on wall? Thank you.

  33. Kyle Stewart

    I want to learn to draw plans. So resource recommendations for learning to draw plans please

  34. MARK

    What browser does April use for Sketch Up? I cannot get it to work as a functional drawing tool in Safari or Google Chrome.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      I don’t think the browser matters. I use Google Chrome as my browser, but SketchUp 2017 was a download that is now on my desktop. I don’t have to be online to use it.

  35. Dave shadle

    April’s comments were nearly unintelligible due to sound quality plus she talked much too fast to be understood.

  36. Ron Snipes

    What is the best HP to use for a router table. I have a 3.5 HP Sears plunger router I don’t like and I want to replace it. I route hard woods, oak, maple, etc. Any recommendations on make?

  37. Bob Essner

    I have an 80’s Craftsman Table Saw with a flex shaft that has broken. Any idea if this can be repaired in any fashion? A new shaft costs around $200

  38. Bryan

    I live in a very dry climate (Arizona Desert) and I have a tough time finding good/dry wood, so most of my projects get built with wood from the Big Box stores. Issue I have is that as it dries, I get a lot of twist. Any tips for working with wet wood from the big box stores? What moisture should I be looking for before I cut?

  39. Stephen

    I meant what amount of air pressure setting on your air compressor when you connect your nail gun.

  40. shagrat13

    I have a Grizzly Bandsaw that has two speeds 1700 and 3500, when should I use each speed?


    I am building my own router table and I have decided to put in a lift. Which one would you suggest. They have a wide variance of price. Hard to figure out cost vs value of options. I don’t want to skimp but I don’t want to waste money either

  42. Stephen

    I asked recently about to determine what amount of pressure to use for nail guns, but got no answer yet. So how do you determine that ? Is it just trial and error on a test piece of wood with the particular size of nail that you want to use ? Or is there some formula ?

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      Yep, trial and error is best. Use a regulator to control the pressure and do test shots into the same specie of wood you’ll be using for the project. Increase or decrease pressure as needed.

  43. Jim Plasek

    What is the shelf life of Tightbond glue, once opened? I have some a years old which is gloppy.

  44. John Slaughter

    Good evening from North Idaho. Almost didn’t make it as I was clearing snow.

  45. Kyle Stewart

    I want to learn to draw accurate plans for projects. Are there and books or resources you can recommend?

  46. Sid

    When planning a project do you sketch it out on paper or use software? Why? What are the pros and cons of each (paper vs computer)? What software do you like?

  47. Karl

    I have a 10″ craftsman bench top bandsaw. I’m needing a rip fence. E-Replacement has an indefinite lead time B/O Where can I order a rip fence?

    • yambo1

      Carter Products has a nice magnetic rip fence as long as your table is cast iron. I love mine.

    • kricemyers

      I also have a 10″ Craftsman bandsaw, which is identical to the Rikon 10″ benchtop bandsaw. You might look for a Rikon replacement fence. No guarantees that it will fit, but it might be worth researching.

  48. Timothy

    When cutting tenons on a router table should I use a spiral upcut bit or a straight bit or either?

  49. Mark

    Do you have any suggestions for spraying latex paint with HVLP sprayers? I’ve struggled with having good coverage without runs except using MANY coats and end up with a relativelyl rough finish. I’ve experimented with flow conditioners and diluting with windshield washing fluid containing methanol but haven’t had a breakthru in technique.

  50. JOHN

    I have some wobble in my band saw and have used your suggestion to balance the top wheel and was wondering with still some wobble should I take off the drive belt and do the same to the bottom wheel. Thanks,