• 4:00

    Hearing Protection from ISOTunes

    You’ve gotta protect your hearing. Most tools run around 105+ decibels. That needs to get toned down to 85 db or less to be safe. ISOTunes offers lots of products that’ll help you with this. What is ISOTunes Aware Technology? If you’re in a shop environment with other people you need to wear hearing protection…

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  • 5:28

    The Latest in Freud Router Bits

    Benchtop CNCs have seen incredible growth in recent years. As the machines have gotten better, cutting tools have gotten better as well. Freud Tools, with a 60 year history in cutting tools, is applying the same technology they use on cutters for large format CNC routers to make bits for benchtop machines. Black I.C.E. Freud’s…

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  • 4:17

    Next Wave Router Table

    Next Wave CNC has been known in the CNC industry for a long time. One of their latest innovations is the RS 1000 router table. Imagine CNC-like control of your router table fence and the bit you’ve installed in the table, and you have the RS 1000. The fob You’ll see a fob, or pendant,…

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  • 10:11

    Shaper Origin and the Shaper Plate

    The Shaper Origin is an amazing tool. It looks like a standard router, but it’s actually a handheld CNC router. In order for the Origin to know where it is in the world the user adheres domino tape to the work and scans it with Origin. You can, instead, mount your work in the Workstation.…

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  • 2:22

    What’s the Deal with SawStop?

    Accidents happen. In fact, when it comes to table saws, accidents happen every nine minutes. One out of every ten table saw accidents result in an amputation. That’s what makes SawStop flesh sensing technology so great. What does it do? If you touch the blade on a SawStop table saw it instantly comes to a…

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  • 2:50

    New Triton Routers

    You know I’m a heavy router user, so I’m always excited when I see new routers in the marketplace. Triton Tools has two new candidates for you to check out, covering both the large router and small router ends of the field. 3.25 HP router If you’ve been around woodworking for a while you’re probably…

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  • 2:46

    Grit Automatic Blast Gates

    Do you open the blast gates on your tools before turning them on? Do you remember to close each blast gate when you’re done? If your answers include two no’s, there’s a problem. Your dust collector can’t pull dust through a gate that isn’t open. And if you leave unneeded gates open you’ll diminish the…

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  • 2:22

    Check out the Mullet

    You gotta protect your lungs from dust. Shop vacuums work great, but dust can QUICKLY clog the filter on a shop vacuum. If air can’t get out, air can’t get in, so performance drops off really fast. What’s a Mullet? The Mullet High-Speed Cyclone Dust Collector is a cyclonic separator that goes in line between…

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  • Ear protectors

    ISOtunes Pro Model

    When I come across a product that I REALLY like, I enjoy spreading the word and letting friends of mine, like you, know about it. The ISOtunes line of products is a great example of that. I’ve been wearing the ISOtunes Pro model for years. The array of hearing protection products available is amazing, and…

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