Tom Caspar

Spokeshave Buying Advice

Tom Caspar
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Duration:   5  mins

Once you know that a spokeshave will be in your future, you need to know what kind of spokeshave is best for you. Tom Caspar has A LOT of spokeshaves in his shop and, using his great collection, can help you identify which version of this tool is best for you. Wooden body, metal body, round or flat bottom, adjustment screws or not….all great questions that Tom will help you with.

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4 Responses to “Spokeshave Buying Advice”


    Excellent video as always, I'm interested in purchasing a Draw-knife for a carving project. Can you point me in what direction to look for?

  2. Steven W.

    Many low angle spokeshave blades are easily sharpened by using a blade holder made to secure short blades so they can be sharpened using conventional plane blade sharpening methods. These blade holders are simplify blade sharpening for standard angle spokeshave blaves. Veritas (Lee Valley) sells a such a blade holder for securing short and small blades using conventional blade sharpening methods including for use with some blade sharpening jigs. So there is no need for even a beginner to shy away from a low angle spokeshave. The Veritas/Lee Valey spokeshave with the wooden handles you showed also use special shims to adjust the spokeshave mouth opening. These shims are included with the spokeshave.

  3. chris

    Good to know

  4. osama

    very very good

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