Shawn Kirsch

Shaper Origin and the Shaper Plate

Shawn Kirsch
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Duration:   10  mins

The Shaper Origin is an amazing tool. It looks like a standard router, but it’s actually a handheld CNC router. In order for the Origin to know where it is in the world the user adheres domino tape to the work and scans it with Origin. You can, instead, mount your work in the Workstation. The Workstation has an array of domino tape, along with a variety of ways to secure your work. But, you can’t fit a big live edge slab on the Workstation.

Enter the Shaper Plate

The Origin already lends itself to being a tool you can take to the work, instead of taking your work to the tool. This is very handy on large pieces like slabs or tables. When you add the Shaper Plate you have even more versatility. The 14.25” x 17.7” Plate has dominos on its surface, along with a machining window. The window has crosshairs that make it very easy to locate the plate exactly where you want it. Scan the dominos, like you normally would, and you’re ready to cut.

The Plate also has registration “flags,” and a fence that make it very easy to locate the Plate relative to an edge.

New software

I’ve seen lots of woodworkers intimidated by the prospect of creating the designs they intend to CNC cut, and getting those designs to their machine. Shaper Studio overcomes this by allowing you to draw, with your finger, on a device like an iPad, manipulate the design, and wirelessly send it to the Origin. Simple is good. Shaper Studio also provides a cut preview so you can see what your final product will look like before you cut any wood. You can further overcome design anxiety by using the Shaper Hub.

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