Tom Caspar

Planer Safety Tips

Tom Caspar
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Duration:   12  mins

Planers can do so much for you. They’re pretty high on the must-have list of standard shop tools¬†because they¬†are full of horse power and have a very high cutter head speed. There are a lot of things that can go wrong. From hearing protection to where you stand, there are some simple things you can do to make sure that you’re using a planer safely.

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11 Responses to “Planer Safety Tips”

  1. Gustavo Forster

    Check your nuts -- KNOTS, kids

  2. Jim

    Good information on the safety tips. I know the ad at the beginning is "necessary" but what's NOT necessary is that it play at such a LOUD volume, that I can't turn down. Please fix that, George. [Just like watching TV--same problem!]

  3. Dave

    I try not to send a couple narrow boards through my planer in the same location, hoping to 'even out' the blade wear. BUT, if I send a couple boards through, say, the far right of the planer, does that affect the flatness of the cut, since all the forces are on one end of the blade span? 1975 UW-Stout grad!

  4. dirkbez

    Thank you for another great teaching video. Showing how the machine works inside makes all the difference in understanding why there are do's and don'ts.

  5. Paul

    Excellent video. Very instructive

  6. roylg

    Tom, what a great and useful vid. Full of tips for use and safety.

  7. Samuel Marrero-Vargas

    How the end-grain can be flatten if it can't be done with the planner or the jointer?

  8. Jorge Luis Denis

    Hello. I'm argentine, mi english is bad and i'm a newbie in woodworking, in spite of all this y understood and realized everything he explained. Tom Casper is a genious.

  9. J Mack

    Tom Casper is such a great teacher! His soothing, soft spoken voice is relaxing and easy to listen to and he has a funny low key sense of humor. Where was this guy when I was a kid in school?

  10. Melvyn Hill

    How was the depth gauge added on

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