Ginny Vondriska

Making an Electric Guitar: Part 2

Ginny Vondriska
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Duration:   8:25   mins

Ginny’s journey in guitar building continues as she moves forward with the electric guitar she’s making for her boyfriend. Get caught up on her progress.

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10 Responses to “Making an Electric Guitar: Part 2”

  1. Richard

    A company named Stewart McDonald is a great source of guitar making tools, parts and supplies. Their site is If there is a part four (I haven’t seen Pt 3 as of yet) you might want to mention that the craft Ginny has entered into is call “lutherie” The crafts people are called “Luthiers”. It is great to see a young lady venturing into this. I dabble in it myself and I have as yet to see a woman luthier. I’m sure she is, but please inform her there are tons of videos on every facet of guitar making, repairing and maintenance on YouTube. She is quite an awesome young lady. PS: When I was a young lad their age, my girlfriend, now my wife of 40 years, made me a bathrobe which I still have and was amazed that she cut the fabric from pattern and sewed it all together. Ginny is quite an amazing young lady. That lucky young man should know she is a keeper.

  2. Demented Woodworker

    The kitty took the show! I am glad you are a cat person.How about more videos of the kitty? The video was awesome seeing a young person take on such a project. I am a premium member here and also have been getting your videos sent to me for the past two years or so. Have you made a carver’s bench yet? I am a carver and woodworker and would love to make a carver’s bench.
    Keep up the great work George!

    • WWGOA Team

      Hi, Wayne. We’re sorry to hear you are having trouble viewing the videos. We highly recommend using the latest version of Firefox or Safari as your Internet browser. Recent versions of Internet Explorer will work, as well. You will need Adobe Flash Player in order to view the videos. The recommended screen resolution is 1024×768 or larger. If you continue to experience issues with accessing the video content, please contact us at 1-855-253-0822.

      • Wayne Williams in Garland, TX

        Must have been a temp problem as I didn’t have to change anything and the videos play fine now. Thanks for your suggestions.

  3. Wolf Lahti

    Glad you got the most essential part of all….
    You can’t build a guitar without a cat!

  4. Charlie Ferrara

    Disappointed. Was hoping to see a step by step how to. Could anyone help with that?

    • George Vondriska

      The videos are just an overview of the process. Ginny and I took a lot of photos and are working on an article that covers the entire process.

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